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Arthritis Pain Cream and Arthritis Pain Lotion information that will help your arthritis pain.
Arthritis Pain Cream and Arthritis Pain Lotion by Stellar Helath Products, Inc.
Our arthritis pain cream and our arthritis pain lotion provide effective arthritis pain relief to those seeking effective pain relief.
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Arthur Itis arthritis pain lotion and arthritispain cream are excellent arthritis pain cream and arthritis pain lotion.

Help Your Arthritis Treatment Work.

There is no cure for arthritis. However, effective arthritis treatments for arthritis are available that are safe and effective treatments for arthritis pain and joint inflammation of arthritis pain and joint pain.

Arthritis, literally means joint inflammation, but is often used to indicate a group of more than 100 rheumatic diseases. These diseases affect not only the joints but also other connective tissues of the body, including important supporting structures, such as muscles, tendons and ligaments.


What about Pills?

Pills, while generally effective at relieving some arthritis pain, carry potentially significant risks associated with prolonged use or misuse.

A top prescribed arthritis drug, Vioxx® was pulled from the market in 2004 and according to researchers, may have caused up to 139,000 heart attacks and strokes.

In other studies it was reported that Bextra®, a popular prescription drugs for the treatment of arthritis has to provide a special warning to patients about the risk of possible heart attacks and blood clots in patients who had just had heart bypass surgery. The Bextra® label also includes a stronger warning, now highlighted in a black box, about the the possibility of a rare, potentially fatal skin reaction known as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.

Ibuprofen - In yet another study involving ibuprofen, which is the active ingredient in Motrin® and other popular over the counter pain relievers, researchers reported that more than 70% of patients taking ibuprofen for more than 3 months suffered damage to the small intestines.

Naproxen Sodium, the active ingredient in Aleve®, was the focus of yet another study in which is was discovered that there is over a 50% increase in the risk of heart attack and stroke associated with the use of this drug. The study, involving some 2,500 patients, was to test whether naproxen or Celebrex®, both pain relievers, could reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease among healthy elderly patients who were at an increased risk of the disease. Researchers said there were more heart attacks and strokes among patients taking naproxen, an over-the-counter pain reliever. Researchers found that patients taking naproxen had a 50 percent greater incidence of cardiovascular events (heart attack or stroke), than patients taking placebo.

Pills also pass through the stomach and the active ingredients travel throughout the body and can actually mask other serious conditions. Some patients are concerned about taking prescription medications to treat their arthritis because of their potential side effects. Some side affects associated with pills to treat arthritis include, heart attacks, strokes, liver damage, internal bleeding and interactions with other prescription medications.

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What about topical pain-relieving creams, rubs and lotions?

For example, capsaicin cream or capsicum oleo resin (containing capsaicin), which are applied directly to the skin have been found to be effective in providing chronic pain relief associated with arthritis pain, joint pain, including rheumatoid arthritis. Generally, the effect of topical medications to treat arthritis pain is limited to the area where they are applied, and as a result there are fewer side effects that affect the body as a whole while treating your chonic pain asociated with arthritis pain and joint pain.

Arthur Itis® has been trusted by millions to provide arthritis pain and joint pain relief, including patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis!

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What does Arthur Itis® effectively treat?

Arthur Itis® is a scientifically formulated drug that is specifically designed to provide hours of relief from aches and pains associated with :

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What makes Arthur Itis® work so well?

Arthur Itis® contains two active ingredients that together, create a powerful dual action combination to stop pain fast for hours of chronic pain relief associated with arthritis and joint pain.

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Is Arthur Itis® affordable for me to for arthritis pain relief?

Be an informed consumer.

When making a purchase of topical analgesic products to treat  chronic pain associated with arthritis pain and joint pain, be sure to compare apples to apples. While many products on the shelf may seem less expensive on the sticker, in reality, they priced may by up to 50% more when you compare the "ounce for ounce price".

Arthur Itis® is available in two formulations to relieve arthritis and joint pain.

Our arthritis cream provides excellent arthritis relief and our arthritis lotion provides effective pain releif as well.

  • How supplied: 4 ounce jar.
  • Description: White odorless and greaseless arthritis and joint pain relieving cream.
  • Suggested Retail: $24.98 ($6.25 an ounce)

Our arthritis lotion is the best arthritis pain relief lotion available withour a prescription. Our arthritis cream is the best arthritis pain relief cream available without a prescription.
  • How Supplied: 3.5 ounce roll on applicator.
  • Description: Clear odorless and greaseless arthritis and joint pain relief lotion that allows hands free application.
  • Suggested Retail: $24.98 ($7.14 an ounce)

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Where can I purchase Arthur Itis® so I can start my arthritis pain relief treatment?

Arthur Itis® is available in all 50 states at your locally owned independent pharmacy. Arthuritis rollon and arthur itis rollon work well on arthritis knee pain.

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Why isn't Arthur Itis® available at the chain drug stores?

The big chain stores charge manufactures "Big Bucks" to be on their shelves and then expect advertsing dollars to support their business. Often this runs into hundreds of thousands and some times millions of dollars over a course of time. This cost of playing with the big mass merchandisers is passed on to the consumer "you", driving the cost of your arthritis pain and joint pain medications higher in price. We work with the small business person, "Mom and Pop Pharmacies" that provide excellent personable service to their patients. Many times your independent pharmacist will know you on a first name basis. You more than likely can't say that for your chain store pharmacy. The sad fact is, many of the folks employeed in  the chain store pharmacies sold their customer files to the chains because of the chains fierce competition and went to work for them to prevent Bankruptcy. It has been documeted that chain stores will come into a town and sell their wares at cost or at a loss to win your pharmacy business, only to raise prices after the little guy that is running a respectful family owned business closes their independent pharmacy practice due to the chain stores having deeper pockets. The typical scenario is that the chain buys your personal pharmacy records and your prescriptions are transferred to the chain store pharmacy. Many times the person who used to service you with personable service in their independently owned pharmacy is forced behind a wall in able to feed their family and not available to you. These are just facts folks. We have served independent pharmacy since 1987 and have seen what the big chains are doing to the independent business person. Support you local independent pharmacist. They are members of your community.


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My Doctor is not familiar with Arthur Itis®. What should I tell him?

Doctors are inundated with tons of information on drugs and their time is extremely limited in their practice of medicine. They just don't have the time to to educate themselves on all available treatments and product available on the market to treat arthritis and joint pain. Ever seen those folks in suits that get to see the Doctor before you do, even though they arrived after you did? They are drug representatives from the big drug companies seeing the Doctor to educate (sell) them on their company and their drugs to increase the prescriptions written for their respective drugs. This is called "detailing" in the professional pharmaceutical industry.

Ask your independent pharmacist to call your doctor and explain the benefits, economics, and effectiveness of Arthur Itis®. The next time you visit your arthritis doctor or family physician ask them to visit our website at and familiarize themselves with this powerfully effective chronic pain reliever for arthritis pain and joint pain relief treatment. You may also visit our sister site at

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What guarantee is there that Arthur Itis® will work for me?

Although, over one million patients have found arthritis pain and joint pain relief with Arthur Itis®, we understand and appreciate that there is no prefect pain relieving treatment for everyone. Some people can't take aspirin due to allergies, while other patients can't tolerate ibuprofen due to other medical conditions. Therefore, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Simply return the product within 30 days, along with your receipt, to your place of purchase and your money will be refunded. When was the last time someone offered you a refund on an expensive prescription your body could not tolerate? NEVER!

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How often do I have to use Arthur Itis® to get the desired arthritis pain relief?

Patient compliance is important to achieve optimum results when administering any drug treatment. Although, we have from heard patients that report they had chronic pain relief associtated with arthritis after one application, patients should Use Only as Directed by a health care professional and follow the directions on the label. The label instructs the patient to use Arthur Itis® 3 to 4 times a day for optimum arthritis and joint pain relief results.

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I have heard that Emu oil is an effective treatment for Arthritis.

Emu oil has not been proven to be safe and effective for treating arthritis pain. One company was fined millions of dollars for making drug claims about "emu oil". If the oils from a dead bird "Dead Bird Oil" is good for arthritis pain, then lets use duck or goose oil too. Remember in the 70s when people were promised to make a fortune raising emus for profit by raising the birds and selling the meat? Lots of people were sold blue sky and snake oil back then. The only people that got rich were the bird salesmen, and the people who manufactured incubators for the eggs. Want to buy a worm farm? People are trying to skirt the laws that are in place to protect our citizens from scams still today.

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VIOXX® is a registered trademark of Merck & Co., Inc. Bextra® is a registered trademark of Pfizer Inc. Celebrex® is a registered trademark of Pfizer Inc. Aleve® is a registered trademark of BAYER-ROCHE L.L.C. Motrin® is a registered trademark of JOHNSON & JOHNSON CORPORATION.

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Arthur Itis® or Stellar Health Products, Inc. is not affiliated with the above companies and their respective registered trademarks. Arthur Itis® is a registered trademark of Stellar Health Products, Inc.


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Arthritis Pain Lotion that provides effective arthritis relief. Our arthritis cream provides effective pain relief and both our arthritis roll on lotion and our arthritis pain cream come with our Stella Health Quality Guarantee.

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Arthritis Pain Cream is an Odorless Arthritic Cream available at an Independent Pharmacy near you. Guaranted to work or your money back. Over one million pain patients say nothing works better to relieve their arthritic pain and joint pain.


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