Arthritis Pain Cream and Arthritis Pain Lotion work fast to Relieve Knee Arthritis Pain and Back Arthritis Pain. Both the Arthritis Cream and Arthritis Lotion are odorless.
Arthritis Paini Cream and Arthritis Pain Lotion are available in an Odorless Pain Cream and an Odorless Pain Lotion. Both Odorless Arthritis Products are available at an independent pharmacy near you and come with a money back guarnatee.

What Do Pain Patients Say About Arthur Itis®? 

"I have a permanent disability on my right shoulder and the only relief for pain that I could get was when I got cortisone shots. Once I tried Arthur  Itis®, I have never had to have another cortisone shot. Arthur Irts®  provides better relief than the cortisone shots and without the needle pain. I have to have Arthur Itis®. Once I use it, I am pain free for at least a couple of weeks vs. a few days. I am able to sleep on my right side without waking up with pain. When I don't have Arthur Itis® available, I am in pain and not able to sleep at all. It is the only pain relief that works for me." Laura O., California

As a Physician, I can recommend Arthur Itis® to my pain patients with confidence. It is a safe an effective alternative arthritis treatment or an adjunct arthritis treatment for currently prescibed therapy. Great science behind this product.  M. Adler, Long Island, NY

"I've tried everything else on the market and your Arthuritis cream is the only thing I have found that works for me." M. Parker, Concord, NC

"Whatever you are doing, don't change it. I was scheduled for Surgery to relieve my carpal tunnel pain in my wrists. A friend of mine had been using your Arthuritis cream and offered some to try on myself. That was 3 years ago and I never had to have the surgery. Thank you so much for this product." J. Stewart, Stockton, CA

"I have used your Arthur Itis for several years and love it." K. Rewis, Newport News, VA

"I really like the convenience of the Arthuritis roll on. I can take it to work or traveling and use it so much easier." C. Smith, La Plata, MO

"My mother uses has been using your Arthur Itis for years. It helps her so much to keep moving. She will be 100 years old in 2 weeks." J Sampson, Tampa, FL

"I played Football in College and now I have knee arthritis. Your Arthur Itis rollon lotion really does the job it was designed to do." L Greene, Memphis, TN


This is a small representation of letters from our customers who have found pain relief using Arthur Itis cream and Arthur Itis rollon lotion from across North America.

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Safe and effective Topica Pain Relief For Less Than $0.50 a Day. "Gone but, not forgotten!" Of course he is talking about his unbearable knee pain. Thanks to Arthuritis he has his life back.
Arthritis Pain Lotion is Arthuritis topical arthritis roll on pain relief lotion and comes in a 3.5 ounce easy to apply roll on arthritis lotion.

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Arthritis Pain Cream that comes in an arthritis rub in a 4 ounce jar and works just like out topical arthritis lotion

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